Monday, November 28, 2011

A life in pictures...

Nice stranger-than-fiction story on Richard Simpkin in the Guardian along with a video that are both worth checking out for their curiosity value alone.

It comes in advance of the gallery show "Richard & Famous" a collection of some 450 of Simpkin's self-portraits with celebrities he has taken since he popped his snapshot cherry with BROS as a teenager in Sydney in 1988.

Simpkin's archive is a strange and unique historical document that chronicles our celebrity saturated culture as well as one man, Simpkin himself, growing up awkwardly alongside some of the world's most famous faces.

Most interesting is that some of his most famous photos somehow take on a different meaning due to the death, divorce or disgrace of the picture's subjects, with Simpkin - his cheeky grin ever-present - seemingly innately understanding that if he just kept going, one day, someone might just ask if they could have their picture taken with him...