Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nuru Project

Delighted to be supporting the Nuru Project a really innovative idea by J.B. Reed to help raise money for good causes though photography print sales. Some fantastic work on the website and some really good causes to consider being a benefactor to. Everyones a winner...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Them Bones...


Legendary illustrator and loving father of the Bare Bones crew Harry Malt has gone and set up a website to represent his ever-loyal flock of miscreant creatives....

What's that Harry?

Take a drink of that Kool Aid??

No thanks mate...mine's a Stella.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Private Photography Review

Private International Review of Photographs features some of my work from Turkana in their 54th issue titled 'Lost'. Stoked also to have the cover page with an image I made in a place called 'Kakong' in North-Western Kenya.

The village, in the marshy borderlands was besieged by the neighboring, more powerful, Pokot tribe. The name of the place itself means 'Eyes' in the local tongue, such was the frequency of armed livestock raids visited on the place.

I made this image while on 'patrol' with the tribesmen, lanky Turkanas wielding AK's; most of them with only one bullet apiece in their magazines. They laughed at me crawling around in the dusty earth with my Rollei and a macro lens while I should have been worried about getting shot at by the feared Pokots.

The ants seemed to sum up the harshness of the place.

The issue of Private is a gem with outstanding essays from all-time photo heroes Roger Ballen and Stephen DuPont, long-term crush Carolyn Drake and a slew of other outstanding photographers. Many thanks to Veronique and the crew.

Get a copy today...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Lot More to be Seen

David Hockney 'draws' from the video village. ©David Hockney

Great article in the Technology Review on David Hockney's latest series of motion collages captured using rigs of multiple DSLR's set up at different points of view. Long an innovator in the photographic medium and an astute commentator on the impact of lens based media on traditional painting and other art practices Hockney's contribution to photography is somehow still overlooked on university courses and by the photo establishment.

"A lot of people have told me," Hockney states, "that before they see these films they can't imagine what nine cameras could do that one can't. When they see them, they understand. It's showing a lot more; there's simply a lot more to see. It seems you can see almost more on these screens than if you were really there. Everything is in focus, so you're looking at something very complicated but with incredible clarity."

Image from the 18 screen video May 12th 2011 Rudston to Kilham Road ©David Hockney