Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Edge of Dreaming at Rubin Museum

I had the pleasure of meeting Amy Hardie, director of the documentary 'The Edge of Dreaming' some time way back in 2010 while she was charming festival audiences with her wonderful movie. I also managed to see the film while I should really have been having breakfast and despite being surrounded by what felt more like a casting session for 'The Golden Girls' than your average movie crowd, it was worth getting out of bed early for...

A review in today's New York Times also tells me that the film is opening at one of my favorite places in the city, the Rubin Museum of Art. It's well worth checking out for those loitering in the cold and looking for something to do and a seems like a perfect venue for the film with the Rubin's incredible collection of Buddhist art and preoccupation with all things spiritually esoteric.

Amy's film is one of those films that is personal and diaristic and makes you glad that someone had the courage to put themselves on camera and be a voice for the kind of gnawing thoughts that we have probably all had at one time or another. A unique film that I really loved. More links below...

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