Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Hotness: 4th July

All this crazy sunshine makes me want to get out there and shoot.

4th July at Coney Island was a perfect example. Wild with heat, every inch of sand swarmed with people and trash, there was a classic picture to be had in every direction. There was something sultry and seedy in the air too that ultimately drew me in and helped me find a rhythm in my images that day, something to focus on in a mire of thirty thousand people. It was encapsulated by this image of young Puerto Rican charges and their knowing muse.

They were Bushwick kids in the throes of hormonal mania, spending their day throwing themselves off the pier in dazzling displays of mating behavior, their brains all hopped up on blunts and bravado.

It was a kind of primary coloured Martin Parr mind-trip that made me want to get cracking on a new summer project: "The Hotness"...


Stay Tuned.