Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Portfolio: 'An Incident in Times Square'

Patrick Dillon: The Last Doughboy

The images below are related to my (sort of) long term project 'Tales of The Last Doughboy' on friend and collaborator Patrick Dillon.

Mooching around New York at seven am one morning, shooting with my Rolleiflex found me somehow in the swirl of an international incident as someone, only hours previously, had cycled up to the door of the Army Recruitment center at Times Square and detonated a homemade bomb.

Luckily it was in the middle of the night and there was little damage and no injuries but New York being a somewhat sensitive city to international terrorism, cops swarmed, reporters gathered, undercover detectives whispered into their lapels. Smoke billowed...from somewhere.

But not from the bomb.

Commuters went about their daily business in the middle of a frantic live news story. The newspaper delivery guy was late.

And all this before breakfast. I recall the light that morning being just amazing. Strange and wonderful winter morning light that rattled off every glass surface like a pinball machine.

How this is related to 'The Last Doughboy' project will be revealed here in good time (inshallah) when the hard graft in the editing suite is done.

I stumbled across the resulting snaps while editing pictures today and thought I'd post em up.

Here's to you Patrick, you crazy bastard, I love ya.